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Did You Know That LASIK Has Caused Over "One Million Americans To Have Permanent DRY EYE DISEASE?"

Just walk into any grocery store and pharmacy and notice all of the "Post LASIK Dryness Drops" that are sold by the millions monthly!  Of course, the LASIK sales clerk trying to get your $5,000 won't volunteer that they will inflict permanent "Eye Reshaping" like a golf grass divot, that will induce "Permanent Dry Eye Disease" for the rest of your life, but the signs are everywhere if you just have and want the time to look for them...But, that's exactly what happens when you "cut a permanent flap" into a perfect virgin cornea and what you're doing when you sign the "consent form" which will WAIVE your rights to sue even if the LASIK physician makes a mistake!  You will then have a permanent eye scar (FLAP) that never heals back to normal, further inducing dry eye problems, cell loss, and a flap that is open to infection for the rest of your life!  Did your caring LASIK physician take the time to show you these permanent injuries that are caused by LASIK elective irreversible surgery BEFORE they swiped your credit card for $5,000?  81 Minute Presentation Showing Known LASIK Damages: Show Me. Show Me. Credible Ex-FDA Official, Dr. Maorris Waxler, Files FDA Petition To End LASIK Forever Urging Investigating of ALL LASIK physicians and Medical Companies for Criminal Crimes:  Show Me. Dr. Waxler wants to hear from anyone that is DISSATISFIED with their LASIK results, that he will keep your name Anonymous or Confidential, and will file a case report to the FDA:  Click Here To Contact Dr. Waxler.   So far over 700+ American citizens have signed the Anti-LASIK Petition to End LASIK and have LASIK physicians investigated for CRIMINAL CRIMES:  (Copies of this are being sent to Congressmen)  Show Me. 

-Just Consider "These Facts" Below-

  • Journalists and Reporters:  What are the "long-term" injuries created by every LASIK irreversible eye surgery procedure, so that you receive true informed consent? Show Me.
  • 20% to 30% (1 out of 5) of LASIK patients will experience severe "Adverse Events" -or- "Permanent Complications." Show Me.
  • As many as 85% of LASIK patients will eventually experience chronic dry eye for the rest of their lives because corneal nerves which stimulate tear production are severed during LASIK and never fully recover. Show Me.  (Just look at all of the Restasis Dry Eye Prescription Television Commercials for post LASIK Dry Eye).
  • The lasers used to burn incisions into your eyes result in a "flap that never heals," creating permanent scarring and complications. Show Me.
  • The negative side effects of LASIK surgery are often so severe that patients become severely depressed and even commit suicide from having elected to permanently alter their eyes Show Me #1. Show Me #2.
  • The LASIK industry considers your case a "success" if you can see the letters on an eye chart, even if you experience blurring, double vision, halos, starbursts, eye pain, ghosting, and chronic dry-eye. Show Me.
  • Patients with "Post LASIK Complications" are often told that "Adverse Symptoms" will disappear over time and only told the truth after the "Statute of Limitations" for suing the doctor has passed.
    Show Me.
  • LASIK surgery permanently weakens the cornea and may cause severe medical problems years later, leading to vision loss. Show Me.
  • LASIK surgery causes lifelong problems for those needing glaucoma screening and cataract surgery in the future. Show Me.
  • Visual quality at night is permanently reduced after LASIK, even when the patient has 20/20 or better daytime vision. Show Me.
  • Millions of LASIK patients are being lied to by their LASIK doctors/staff, who are altering their patient charts, to avoid having to pay for damages in court and battle a "Medical Malpractice Case." 
    Show Me.

  • Many LASIK patients have been sued by their own LASIK physicians in order to further hide from the reality of this very dangerous elective procedure.  By having patients "sign" the Informed Consent, this further protects the LASIK physician all while hurting the patient.  Because of having so many "dissatisfied patients," that is the reason for this form.  In other words, the LASIK staff and physicians "know" that about 1/5 eyes are permanently damaged, so this form protects them when you begin to complain. Show Me.   You can make the smart choice and opt out of this dangerous, expensive, and possibly debilitating elective surgery.
  • Thousands of "Permanently Injured LASIK Patients" have created websites, signed petitions, testified before the FDA,  and filed formal complaints or lawsuits.   Show Me Thousands of Hurt LASIK Patients;
  • Morris Waxler, PHD the former FDA official in charge of approving the LASIK procedure, is now a vocal opponent of LASIK and stated "LASIK-induced risks of permanent loss of vision overwhelm the temporary benefit of visual acuity improvement."#1 Show Me. #2 Show Me.
  • LASIK surgery promises only a "60% chance of TEMPORARY reduction in dependence on glasses or contact lenses." Show Me.
  • Poor eyesight resulting from complications of LASIK surgery cannot be remedied with glasses or contact lenses.
    Show Me.
  • The majority of people who "endure the serious risks" of LASIK surgery do so for nothing more than vanity, despite the fact that the right pair of glasses often improve appearance. Show Me.
  • Those people getting LASIK desire to avoid the hassles of "contact lenses" and "glasses" only to find that they have jumped out of the "frying pan" and into the "raging inferno." Show Me.
  • The U.S. government is NOT protecting the public from the dangers of LASIK and is more interested in protecting and profiting from this procedure. Show Me.
  • Many LASIK doctors are motivated by money more than in protecting their patients.  Even the most egregious and infamous of LASIK Surgeon(s), Nick Caro, laughs at having amassed 50+ LASIK Lawsuits. Show Me.
  • Hurt LASIK Advocacy Groups are working with the FBI, Secret Service, Congressmen, and Senators to investigate top FDA Officials and LASIK Ophthalmologists for "Criminal Intent" to purposely harm patients.  Many permanently ruined LASIK patients want to EVEN THE SCORE, and are going "under cover taping the doctors and staff with their Iphones/Android Phones, catching them in lies to prepare for medical malpractice and criminal courts...wanting revenge!" 

    "I've got irrefutable evidence regarding corruption, deceit, and fraud within the Lasik eye surgery industry and the FDA, including a former FDA official who will go on record to expose the tragic mistakes he and his team made when approving Lasik. Please contact me if you are interested in investigating this story."  Show Me.

February 23rd, 2013:  "Canadians Hurt From LASIK & Feel No ONE Is Protecting Their Safety!"

LASIK Investigative Report: "20/20 Hindsight on 16:9 The Bigger Picture, Canada's TV news magazine:"

February 22nd, 2011 on MSNBC News, is a recent LASIK WARNING, Dr. Morris Waxler,
WARNING of FDA and Laser Manufacturers being CORRUPT, in order to approve LASIK and keep it approved:

September 28th, 2010 on CNN News, is a recent LASIK WARNING, coming from the ex FDA chief who approved LASIK
Dr. Morris Waxler, now telling you that he wouldn't recommend LASIK to anyone he cared about: 

ABC World News:  Aired September 22nd, 2010 6:50pm EST:   ABC's most recent concerns opens up an investigation into the FDA approval of elective LASIK eye surgery.  Mr. Morris Waxler, PHD, (former FDA chief of medical devices in charge of the group that approved LASIK), has now come out telling the public that 50%+ of LASIK eyes are having major permanent long-term injuries, and that he is begging the FDA to issue an immediate Public Health Advisory to prevent any further injuries to innocent Americans thinking that this elective surgery is safe.  This comes after Waxler has reviewed peer clinical studies over the past (3) years which give him reason for concern; thus why he is warning the public.

February 25th, 2010:  ABC Special Report: "LASIK Public Health Alert Issued:"  Video comes on after commercial:
(Former FDA Chief of Medical Devices, Morris Waxler, PHD, Warns Public About Dangers of LASIK): (YouTube)

February 25th, 2010:  ABC News:  Lisa Stark:  To Feature "Special LASIK Report"
On Good Morning America, 7:30am EDT.  Thursday 25th, 2010.

ABC News:  "The Dangers of LASIK" with Diane Sawyer and Lisa Stark:


Had A BAD LASIK Outcome? Fill Out FDA Complaint Form By Clicking Below and write down your case number. 
Did you know there have been almost 5,000 LASIK Permanent Injury/Medwatch Adverse Events filed at the FDA to date?

The LASIK CLINICS refuse to file these cases into Medwatch/FDA because they know they can be sued, dropped by their Liability Insurance, have their Medical License Suspended, be fined up to $1 million dollars, and Imprisoned up to (3) Years for deceiving and injuring patients!

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